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Beena Kannan Online Shopping website: Seematti.com Review


I knew about the very popular Beena Kannan’s Online Shopping website, Seematti.com much before I actually visited it. The first time I did, I had a splendid experience. The site is absolutely about women fashion, which can be an exclusive part a trendy bridal trousseau. The creations cite the contribution of the designer, her effort to retain the pride of place for saris. Here is my review on it, everything I found.

Beena Kannan’s boutique is popular for her saree collection ideal from bridal, festival and other special occasions. One common trait prevalent in all these is the newness in design which makes them latest fashion outfit.

About the website Seematti.com

Seematti.com is a portfolio website of Beena Kannan that takes the visitors through the mesmerizing collection from the designer’s creation catalog.

The site is designed in a simple and clear manner, lavishly complemented by beautiful photographs and illustrations of latest creation.


The pictures give a glimpse to the visitors on the major highlights demonstrating the designer’s best. It takes you through, touching almost all aspects of designs available. Thus, helps you analyze and decide your purpose to visit the store, making your shopping even more effective.

The greatest thing is that Seematti leaves all doors open for you to choose from a plethora of attractive designs done on enriched quality silk sarees, which immediately captures one’s attention when you visit the boutique.

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About the Designer Beena Kannan


Beena Kannan is an Indian-based sari designer. She worked with her father and husband in their family textile retailing business which was started by her grandfather. Her unique contribution in design made her one of the most popular wedding silk sari designers in south India region. Her name has been entered in the Guinness Book of Records and Limca Book of Records for creating longest ever silk sari (half a km long). She is the holder of “Lifetime Achievement Award” presented by Coimbatore Erode Weaving community.

With the enrich experience and a deep understanding of what she does, Beena Kannan brings to you huge collection Silk sarees for Indian beauties from all age groups and taste. By going through the catalogue on Seematti website you will see that the designs are created by a person who has a creative mind and in-depth knowledge which definitely calls for huge appreciation.

So, what you think about the designs at Seematti.com? Please let me know. You can leave your comment below.

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Kanchipuram Silk Sarees – Latest Designs, Image, Colour and More


Kanchipuram Silk Sarees crafted by the master weavers, are distinguished by its rich finely woven motifs with golden threads bearing patterns of temples, flowers, and tales from the Hindu epics, which enhance the beauty of the Saris. The majestic drape treasures the wardrobe of every discerning woman. The extensive designs and colours can refine your collection, enriching your persona every time you wear these. Create your own personalized look the way you like by pairing it with blouse of your choice.
Here we have listed a curated selection of exclusive Kanchipuram Saree design in different colours and patterns. These you can wear on wedding, reception and other special occasions. Find their image below. Also, get other pieces of information from the history of this silk sarees.

Exclusive Kancheepuram Silk Sarees Collection – Latest Design, Image, Colour and More

Kancheepuram Art Silk Sarees

Kancheepuram Art Silk Sarees

Kancheepuram Art Silk Sarees are made from lightweight material which lets you comfortably carry the drape all day long. Hence, this pattern is much liked by fashionistas who are in search of a sari that are easy to manage at that same time have a unique ethnic charm.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees with Embroidery

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees with Embroidery

Embroidery work done on any piece of garment makes it even more gorgeous. Thus, embroidered Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are must-have ethnic wear that you can save for the special day.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Golden Colour

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Golden Colour

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are distinguished by their fine work done with golden threads and zari. An overall golden colour sari with a hint of other hue looks fabulous. This pattern in the best pick for wedding and other special occasions.

Green Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Green Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

The rich Kanchipuram silk saree fabric enhances the beauty of the green colour, which makes the sari get the most mesmerizing appearance.

Kancheepuram Silk Half Sarees

Kancheepuram Silk Half Sarees

The absolutely stunning Half Sarees made of Kancheepuram Silk leaves an everlasting impression on everyone. The amazing pattern done on these make anyone wearing it look gorgeous in no time.

Kanchipuram Handloom Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram Handloom Silk Sarees

Wear a Kanchipuram Handloom Silk Saree to look your ethnic best. These are made of enrich quality fabric, usually with minimalistic work, thus keeps you comfortable all the time. This drape type is perfect choice for a daytime function.

Hand Woven Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Hand Woven Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram hand woven silk saree look extremely sophisticated. The rich fabric used, makes the drape ideal wear for any occasion. You can choose from heavy to light work variants.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees with Temple Border

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees with Temple Border

Temple Border pattern is very popular design done on Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. This is one of the widely favoured works done on these drapes.

Kanchipuram Silk Saree with Zari Border

Kanchipuram Silk Saree with Zari Border

Gorgeous, mesmerizing zari borders done on a Kanchipuram Silk Saree enhances the elegance of the design. These are great pick for wedding gala or festivals

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees without Zari

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees without Zari

A beautiful Kanchipuram saree in silk fabric without Zari work assures a comfortable drape at the same time showcase an elegant design.

Kancheepuram Traditional Silk Sarees

Kancheepuram Traditional Silk Sarees

Kancheepuram Traditional Silk Sarees are original piece of work that is the pattern does not include any fancy designs like the ones seen in above patterns. The above image gives you an idea of it.

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Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs 2018-17, Images, and Tips – Simple & Easy


With the festival just around the corner, we have put up few Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs of 2018-17 with their images. Considering there are just a few days left, we have picked simple and easy patterns so that even if you run short of time or couldn’t find a beautician, you can try them yourselves at home. We have also included quick tips to enhance your Mehendi color and make it stay longer on your body.

Before you actually start tattooing the Mehendi, preparing your hand and feet is important to get a richer color which stays longer. Firstly, wash the area where you want the design to remove excess oil and dirt. Secondly, apply eucalyptus oil on the skin. This enhances the henna color. And finally, after the design is done and once it dries, apply sugar and lemon solution on it to get the best result. You can either get a Mehndi kit or single products to start with.

Latest Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs with Images: Simple & Easy

Floral Mehndi Designs


Very common and popular mehndi design done on hands as well as legs.

Arabic Mehendi Designs


The flattering Arabic mehndi designs are simple and can be applied quickly. In this type, patterns are drawn with dense and thick outlines.

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Half and Half Mehndi Designs


Half Mehndi Design – as the name suggests is done on to decorate half the palm, leaving the other half empty

Full Arm Mehndi Designs


In this pattern, Mehndi design is done covering the entire hand including the arms. This is a little complex compared to other designs and self-drawing is difficult.

Indian Mehndi Designs


Indian mehndi design includes intricate patterns done, covering both sides of the hands. This is also done on legs.

Bangle-style Mehndi Designs


The bangle-style mehndi design is quite popular nowadays. Patterns are drawn around the wrist to replace the bangles.

Glitter Mehndi designs


This is the latest style trend. Add glitters to glam up any traditional design.

Coloured Mehendi Designs


This one is especially for modern women looking to break the monotony of monochrome. In this Mehendi design, multiple colors are used to make the pattern vibrant.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs


Rajasthani mehndi designs have intricate yet awesome patterns done on hand and legs with almost no empty space.

Two-In-One Mehndi Designs


In this, the design is split into two hands – half in one hand and the other half in another. When both the hands are brought together, you can see the complete design.

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Lalitha Jewellery Designs 2018-17: Chain, Earrings, Bangles, Necklace, and Ring


From the contemporary to the traditional, Lalitha Jewellery Designs 2018-17 has them all. The variant is so huge that you can find something to flaunt on all occasions. The nuance in design bears the excellence of craftsmanship and materials so pure. The collection has some of the most inspiringly unique and extraordinary design which can be seen in every piece of chains, earrings, bangles, necklace, rings or any other ornaments the company has.

If the colossal assortments of items are making it difficult for you choose, here I have listed a dozen of best designs. This will narrow down the selection and hence reduce your task to picking, from a bunch of selected few. These beautiful pieces can be adorned on Wedding, Reception, Diwali, Dusshera, and other special days.

Latest Lalitha Jewellery Designs 2018-17





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Khazana jewellery Designs 2018-17: Chain, Earrings, Bangles, Necklace, and Ring


The Khazana jewellery designs 2018-2017 bring to you a collection each of which bears the paradigm of beauty. The talented designers and master craftsmanship create ornaments in patterns that are unique and fulfill the diverse choice of fashionistas. This includes chain, earrings, bangles, necklace, ring, and more from traditional to the contemporary style.

The precision in design and the purity of metal make each piece of Khazana jewelry worth owning. These ornaments can make anyone wearing them look stunning. But, when choice so vast, selection becomes a bit difficult. So, we are here with a list of handpicked latest designs to make your pick a bit easier. Store outlets are located in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vijayawada, and other cities in Southern India. You can visit your nearest one.

Latest Khazana Jewellery Designs 2018-2017

Khazana jewellery Chain

Khazana jewellery earrings

Khazana Bangles

Khazana jewellery Necklace

Khazana jewellery ring

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Tops Design 2018-17 for girls & ladies – Try on Jeans


Tops are one of the western outfits that have successfully made its way to the wardrobe of Indian women from all age groups. It looks great when worn with a jeans or a trouser. Well, this is a usual way of pairing. But if you want to make it look a little different, try on a long skirt or a palazzo to create an amazing Indo-Western fusion look that can surely make you the head-turner. Made from light weight material, these are the ultimate choice to style with comfort. Here, we have listed the handpicked Tops Design 2018 – 2017 for girls & ladies.

These patterns are inspired by the latest trend. So ladies, try these to look fabulous every time.

List of Latest Tops Design 2017-18

Here are the top best top designs that can help you find the most fashionable patterns to wear on parties, office, festivals or any other day.

Off Shoulder Tops



Off shoulder tops are truly stylish design, a top pick from the latest fashion trends. These are available in numerous shades and fabrics and makes a great combination when paired with a ripped jeans and heels.

Cold shoulder Tops



Look gorgeous wearing a cold-shoulder top. You can pick from different sleeve lengths, thus offering you a wide choice to pick from.

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 Long Tops



Long tops are comfortable and a perfect pick for daily as well as party wear. Clubb this with skinny jeans or matching leggings and you are ready to rock.

Full Sleeve Tops



Short Sleeve Tops



Sleeveless Tops



Spaghetti Tops



Tube Tops



The highly comfortable tube tops are the perfect pick of the season. This beautiful creation will let you look trendy with minimal effort.

Tank Tops



Complete your perfect everyday look wearing a tank top paired with jeans and wedges.

 Crop Tops



Get summer ready dressing up with crop tops. It can be paired with jeans and flats or heels.

Boat Neck Tops



As the name suggests the neck of this tops are designed to form a boat-like shape, hence known as boat neck top.

Lace Tops



Solid Tops



Printed Tops



Decked with flowers, geometric patterns, and other prints, the printed tops are all time favorite of all beautiful ladies out there. This goes well with pants and heels.

Polka Dot Tops



Polka Dot tops are designed to perfection as per the latest fashion. Pair this with trousers or jeans and pumps to complete your look.

Stripe Tops



Formal Tops



Opt for a smart dressing style for your office picking from tops with minimal design. Tag this with trousers or skirt and plum shoes.

Party Wear Tops



Glamorously designed Party Wear Tops will make you dazzle at the party.

Festive Tops



If you are not willing to wear a regular ethnic wear, the gorgeous festive tops are an ideal choice for you.

Designer Tops



Designer tops bear intricate designs and style so uncommon. This definitely can make your stand out in the crowd.

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10+ Wooden Sofa Set Designs with price – Indian Trend 2018 – 17


Planning to renovate your interior? A couch is the indispensable furniture in your living room, especially those cozy corners where you want to spend some quality time with your family or de-stress after a long day work or indulge in long conversations, this space has to have some special furnishing that is stylish yet offer comfortable seating. If finding the perfect set difficult you, we’re here to make it easy. We’ve 10+ Wooden Sofa Set designs with price, handpicked from the latest Indian trend of the year (2017 – 2018). Check these to enhance the beauty of your home, make it look amazing.

The sofa set is the heart of your living room. A good design can elevate the charm and enhance the interior design of your home. So, explore our collection to find the unique best.

Latest Wooden Sofa Set Designs with price

Here are some of the most trending sofa designs to style your modern interior. Adding any of these to your living room will instantly glam up the space.

Sectional Sofa Set

Sectional Sofa Set

The Sectional Sofa Set has the latest design in the lot. This modern style more focuses on the attribute of functionality. This multi-piece sofa has a combination of units fitted together to form an L-shape or U shape, as per the requirement. This is ideal for all rooms of all sizes. It can easily fill up large spaces as well as fit in small space.

Chesterfield Sofa

chesterfield Sofa

Dating back to 18th century, the Chesterfield sofa has an interesting shape that reflects its intricate charm. This is designed with noble sophistication. It has rolled arms, mostly covered with leather. Both back and the arms are of same height. It is has a special back design which allows you to sit upright comfortably.

Contemporary Handcrafted Sofa Design

Contemporary Handcrafted Sofa Design

The handcrafted design done on the wooden sofa looks elegant and adds contemporary charm to your living room. This is a perfect home décor that suits every home.

Lawson Style Sofa

Lawson Style Sofa

Lawson Style Sofa is designed for extra support and comfort. It has additional removable cushions added at the back along with the regular one within the frame to make it softer. This is one of the most popular designs seen today.

Track Arm Sofa

Track Arm Sofa

Track arm sofas have perfect rectangular shaped, flat squared arms. This makes the furniture gain a modern touch and thus an ideal addition to contemporary style homes. Few throw cushions will complete the look.

Settee Sofa

Settee Sofa

Settee Sofa is the modern version of the Loveseat, with a bit narrower seating space. This is also a sofa made for two people. It has raised back and clean design. Considering the size, it best suits a small living room.

Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo is a modern style sofa that has its arms and back of same height. The unique design makes it easily distinguished from other patterns. Its presence can raise the glamour and elegance of any normal living room.

Loveseat Sofa

Loveseat Sofa

The loveseat sofa is a typically made for two people and comes in many styles like Camelback, Cabriole, etc. You can also find these in textile and leather fittings and with different embedded materials. They’re mostly part of a smaller living room. Layering these with throw cushions add extra comfort.

Camelback Sofa

Camelback Sofa

The Camelback sofa has a continuous design, the back and arms are in line. The back features an arch that is higher in the center and slightly at the ends, this descends towards the arms. They most often have exposed wooden legs and no back cushion. These have elegant design that looks quite formal.

Cabriole Sofa

Cabriole Sofa

The cabriole sofa has a continuous design, having equal height back and arms, attached together in a line. The arms are often curved. There are comfortable features like cushion, especially in the seat portion, making it cozy yest stylish option for your drawing room.


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Happy-New-Year Cake Designs 2018 – Eve Decoration Image


Hi all!!! Hope you are enjoying every moment of your life. We have been waiting so eagerly for the New Year Eve and see it’s just around the corners, only a few days left to bid adieu the old and embrace the new. An awesome start definitely needs a grand celebration and it is incomplete without a special cake. So today we have some amazing images of Happy-New-Year Cake Designs 2018 that are hard to resist. You can simply pick from the list and add a sparkle to your decoration.

Cakes are always the favorite part of the celebration, especially when it is a new year. The flavors are so intoxicating that resisting them is almost impossible. There is strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, black forest, velvet and what not, will leave you spoilt for choice. The mouthwatering taste leaves you craving for more and more. Enjoy this pompous 31st December night of 2017 with your dear ones, manifold the happiness with flawlessly designer cake you love.

Happy New Year Cake Designs

Chocolate BlackBerry Cake


Tiramisu Cake


Almond Crunch Cake


Vanilla Cake


Special Black Forest Cake


Molten Chocolate Lava Cake


Fudge Brownie


Fruit Chocolate Cake



Florid Cream Cake


Crunchy Kit Kat Cake


Butter Cream Chocolate Cake


Blueberry Cake


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20+ Best Carpet Designs with price 2018-17 – Try on living room floor


A good carpet has unique esprit that can instantly add charm even to the most mundane flooring. Finding the perfect one is a real drag. Today we want to share with you a wide collection of ideas on best carpet designs with price based on modern elegance that you will fall for. These are a great pick to try on living room floor. At the same time, these are the perfect choice for drawing room and bedrooms as well, making a lot of difference to the entire look of the space.

Your love for walking barefoot, even during the coolest winter days gets cozier with a carpet placed on the floor. Your toes sink into a plush rug. Choosing vibrant colors makes the room comes alive, whereas your fondness for keeping it mystic is also intact in our wide catalog that has everything to help you find the perfect design for your room, you might ever think of. Come, discover your favorite, we’ve got many to choose from.

Latest Carpet Designs with price

Here are some of the best carpet designs to decorate your living  room. Also, find the price they are available for.

Acrylic Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 399

Blended Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 299

Chenille Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 275

Coir Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 450

Cotton Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 269

Cotton Polyester Blend Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 315

Cotton Wool Blend Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 299

Leather Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 699

Jute Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 265

Nylon Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 320

Polyester Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 219

Polyester Viscose Blend Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 439

Polypropylene Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 315

River Grass Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs.1500

Rubber Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 300

Silk Kashmiri Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 500

Synthetic Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 550

Velvet Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 315

Viscose Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 350

Wool Carpet

Buy Now: Price starts Rs. 550

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20+ Divastri Sarees Designs 2018: Images, Price, Cashback – Try it


Saree is an integral part of every Indian woman’s closet and why not, with the variety so vast, you have a new option every time you decide to go ethnic. The attire has gone through the transformation as well in the way of draping and accessorizing. Different brands bring out designs so unique to aspire you to own them. Today, we are going to share the best picks from one such label that anyone would love to try. So take a look at the 20+ Divastri Sarees Designs of 2018 along with their images, price, Cashback, and so on.

Divastri, a relatively new entrant but is able to gain popularity in no time. The brand has redefined the elegance of the drape, bringing in designs that have a perfect blend of sophistication with a modern touch, thus adding a style quotient to the traditional Indian drape.

Latest Divastri Sarees Designs Images with Price

Designed with interesting patterns,  Divastri Sarees can flaunt your style and make you look stunning every single day.

Divastri Cotton Blend Sarees



Price Starts @ Rs 853

Divastri Art Silk Sarees


Price Starts @ Rs 853

Divastri Georgette Sarees


Price starts @ Rs. 337

Divastri Chiffon Sarees


Price starts @Rs. 647

Divastri Embroidered Sarees


Price starts @ Rs. 698

Divastri Pure Cotton Sarees


Price starts @Rs. 606

Divastri Printed Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.349

Divastri Bollywood Sarees


Price Starts @Rs. 591

Divastri Checkered Sarees


Price starts @Rs. 386

Divastri Self Design Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.381

Divastri Brasso Sarees


Price starts @Rs.1956

Divastri Crape Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.439

Divastri Half and Half Sarees


Price starts @ Rs. 337

 Divastri Lace Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.289

Divastri Kalamkari Sarees


Price starts @ Rs. 555

Divastri Chanderi Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.350

Divastri Kanjivaram Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.740

Divastri Bhagalpuri Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.650

Divastri Mangalagiri Sarees


Price starts @ Rs.423

Divastri Lehenga Sarees

Price starts @ Rs.2000

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Latest Images